Saturday, May 5, 2007

What if...

Have you ever thought about what we take for granted? Or things that we might end up taking for granted in the future? Things that we have now, things we'll have then, things we had in the past that we couldn't even fathom in our current age.

For example, what if there was no electricity? What if Edison had never gone to all that trouble to invent the lightbulb, and all that? What if we weren't able to even conceptualize it? Would things be different? Would we have gone down an entirely new path in terms of energy transfer?

What if the Wright Brothers hadn't invented flight? What if the plane had never flown? Would we all still be using planes? Or something else?

What if there were no cars? No trucks? No bicycles? What if there were no wheels? Where would we be then? How would that change how we transport goods, people, services? Would it change how cities work? How the world works?

What if there were no guns? No bombs? No poison, weapons, or war? How would that change the way we fight war? Would we even be able to fight it? How would things change?

What if there were no languages? Would we all communicate in one language? Would we communicate at all? How? With what? Verbal? Gestures?

What if there were no religion? Nothing to believe in? What would people live for? Die for? Strive for?

What about politics, economics? What if politicians and money were non-existant?

What if you took away the world in it's entirety?

Would ther just be empty space? Nothingness? A void? Can you imagine that?

And if there was a beginnning, can you think of the why?

What if...

World Peace

Friday, May 4, 2007

ACK! All work and no play? Can't a guy get a break?

Yesterday left me much too busy to complete a post on my blog, my apologies to those who were sorely missing the daily updates in the life of me. So, I'll recap not just today, but yesterday too. If I can remember yesterday that is.

So. Yesterday, I ran through the usual routine of getting ready for, going to and attending school, after which the regularity ended at lunch. I auditioned for our school's talent show, with my Gollum impression. Needless to say (although, maybe it is for those of you who haven't heard my Gollumspeak yet), the judges were impressed, and I shall be performing my short but very sweet Gollum impression in front of the entire school later this month. Yikes! Anyway, the rest of the day passed without much event, except of course for Karate, for which I arrived late. Mmmhmmm. Oh yes, and I got a haircut from my mom. She did an awesome job, considering that the last time she cut my hair was... several years ago.

I did manage to get a really good snooze in, which will be a lot unlike tonight. 8 1/2 hours! Rock on! So, I got up in the morning feeling refreshed and restored, a feeling which was soon to be destroyed due to the fact that my mom hadn't packed my lunch. But I got to school on time, showed off my new "do", and got back that happy feeling I had before. Ummm... then I played cards at lunch, a classic high school game that is, among it's many other and some inappropriate aliases, known as, Garbage Man. It's kind of similar to hearts, with many invented differences. I also made a comment at the game without thinking about it beforehand, and it turned out kind of lewd-sounding. My ears turned red. More red than they have been in a long time.

After school, I walked home and got ready for work while relaxing. I got to work, and worked quite hard, after which I was timely rewarded by a ride home from s sympathetic co-worker. And the Ducks clinched the series with Vancouver in double overtime to boot! What more can I ask for? Besides being able to get more sleep. That's just shooting for the moon. I mean, come on! I survived on 6 hours of sleep or less while I was in Ottawa! Then after all that, I went for 36 1/2 hours without any sleep at all! I can take this!

Not for much longer anyway. TGIF now. I will get a good sleep this weekend, in between working at LD, working on the homework that seems to stab me in the back at the last minute, and having a ball & expending all my energy tomorrow volunteering at the Spring Fair! C'est la vie. Que sera, sera. Maybe I could squeeze in Spiderman 3 in there somewhere...


World Peace

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

She'll be Back. {A few minutes later in Terminator 3} She's back.

My sister has returned! I'm ecstatic! Elated! Extremely excited! Euphoric! Eh!

I'm so happy that those folks in Alberta finally gave me my sister back. You know that song, that says, you don't know whatcha got 'til it's gone? My feelings. Right there. Uh-huh. Yup.

On to the tedious business of chronicling my fascinating existence. Woke up at 7:00 am. Breakfasted. Walked to school. Watched a movie in Spanish class about Picasso. He was Spanish too. And famous. Did nothing of interest in English, 'cept find out that I wanted to re-write my distopia essay. Lunch was interesting, I helped a barbershop quartet rehearse, then watched Nick and his friends win at futsol. Drama, came up with my idea for Term 4 project. Chemistry, worked on a worksheet. Walked home.

When I got home, things picked up a bit. My friend Nick and I chatted with my sister about this and that, and I made my world famous Kraft Dinner for them. Then Nick left, Miranda and I chatted, and then I played on the computer until I had to go to work.

Work was... work. I stocked toilet paper, Kleenex, and Paper towels. Oh yay! We had the game on in computers and electronics, so I was able to bravely flaunt my loyalty to the Ducks in some more people's faces. Then they threatened to kill me. Meh.

I walked home, and it turns out that the Ducks won! 3-2 in 1st overtime! They lead the series 3-1! I'm so happy! JEAN-SEBASTIEN GIGUERE IS THE BEST GOALIE EVER!

Then my friend Nick came over again in the eleventh hour for math help. I gladly obliged. Now I'm tired, and I'm going to go to bed. I don't care if you think my writing was dry, wrinkled, or otherwise unsatisfying to your poor dry sponge of a brain. Or if it you thought it was good, then you must have nothing better to do. Or you're one of my adoring fans. Or... I don't know. I don't really think that you guys have dry sponges for brains. I love you all. Really. Really!

World Peace

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

A day with no work. So why am I so tired?

Mondays. Blegh. The start of a brand new school week. Oh joy.

Today I woke up at 7:00 am to the sounds of CBC, just like always, then arose at 7:40 am. School was great, as I had very no homework from English, none from Spanish, none from leadership, none from chemistry, and none from Drama! You can't beat that. So, I came home after a brief meeting after school, watched M.A.S.H. (I love that show), and played on the computer for a couple hours. Then, it was Karate time, at which the source of my tiredness now was produced. (Grammar? Whatever...)

So, we did kicking practise at Karate. Lots, and lots, and lots, and lots of kicking practise. 1,5 hours straight kicking practise. Very tiring.

Got home, now I'm writing my blog. Just like always. Oh boy.





Needless to say, I've very excited.

This is the not-so-aged and not-yet-venerable Jordan Ray, saying good night, and don't put an egg under your pillow.

World Peace

Monday, April 30, 2007

Brunch at Best Western

I hate mornings. With a passion.

Actually, it's just the getting up part that I hate. Once I'm up and at 'em, I love mornings. You can get so much done before 12:00 pm if you get up at 5:00 am!

Why would I do such a crazy thing? Because I, Jordan Ray, went over to Vancouver today to have a very fancy, and slightly overpriced brunch buffet at the Best Western hotel in Richmond. The brunch (dang it, I keep wanting to say breakfast instead of brunch) being at 11:00 am in a Vancouver location, required my family and I to leave our house at 6:00 am to catch the 7:00 ferry so we could get an 9:15bus for a 9:45 transfer to let us arrive at the hotel 1 hour early at precisely 10:02 am, PDT. Phew! This of course, left us ample time to chat before, during, and after brunch, which was absolutely scrumdidilyumpcious. (that word is copyrighted, you have to pay me or one of my family members every time you say it.)

Those present at the bunch were: (in no particular order) Myself, my mom, dad, Grandpa, Grandma, Aunt Angela, Aunt Sue, and Uncle Sean. We all had a splendid time chatting it up in the lovely Vancouver sun (pardon the pun please), and I actually managed to finish my homework, which was quite arduous of a task. (Grammar?)

Then we headed home on the 4:00 pm ferry from Tsawwassen back to Swartz Bay, and immediately after we got home, we turned on the Vancouver-Anaheim hockey game.

Normally, I would have tried to go to someones house and watch it, but my parents took so long at the grocery store, having, "Quite a discussion about which meat we should barbecue" as they called it, prevented me from doing so. Oh well. Worse things have happened. Like me breaking my ankle. That was pretty bad too.

Anyways, I've forgiven them (but never forgotten, mwahahaha!), and after helping my friend with his math after my supper, here I sit, pressing these funny little black keys and giving squeaks of joy as words pop up on the screen.

I eagerly await Tuesday, upon the eve of which my beloved sister Miranda shall return. (That's not from the Tempest, my sister's name really is Miranda.)

World Peace

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Moving Crew and Late Night Panic

This morning I got up bright and early (9:30 am) to help my friends dad move into his new place at 10:30 am. This proved quite exciting, with my friend and I riding on top of a mattress and a cabinet, unseatbelted in the back, pressed against the van roof. Good times.

After the gruntwork and life flashing before our eyes, my friend and I returned to my house, so I could help him with his math, have lunch, and get in a bit of computer time before I had to go to work.

That finished, I ate a hastily prepared supper, spilling milk on myself, the table, and the carpet in the process, and I then got a much needed and appreciated ride to work.

There wasn't a lot that went on at the London Drugs where I work (Quadra & Mckenzie), except for the last 15 minutes of my shift. We have a conveyor belt to haul up our products from the basement. One of the boxes that was left on the belt was an opened box of PERT shampoo. Somehow, I think probably by my doing, the box was knocked over, with the containers scattering everywhere, and one falling straight down to the concrete floor. I performed clean-up duty in the precious few minutes I had left in my shift. As a result, my hands smell great as I'm typing to you now.

Then I got a ride home too, getting home just after 10:00 pm. What luck, eh?

World Peace