Sunday, April 6, 2008

A Poem

Deep Thoughts

What is reality?

You watch movies like "The Matrix"
And read the musings of old greeks like PLato
And you wonder what is real.
The air you breathe,
The water you drink,
The food you eat.
Maybe it's all a sham.
Do you know for real?
What proof do you have?

What is proof?

Some kind of evidence that you can nod to,
And say it's a sign of this or that?
You think that paper you're reading is from trees?
And it's ink from wherever ink comes from?
Don't you find it interesting that
When it comes down to the subatomic level,
Atoms are made up mostly of empty space?

Your thoughts,
Are you free to think them,
Or is it all just a script in Act III of the play
Written by, Who Knows
And the feelings you have
Aren't they just created by chemicals and electricity?
What is your conciousness?

What is life?

Ask that big computer.
It doesn't know.
So why should I?
Don't ask me, ask them.
They don't know either
They'll just say the same thing,
"Ask someone else."

And are you really alive
Or are you just a bunch of little particles coming together by conicidence
And sparking once before snuffing themselves out,
Sot the universe can move on.
If there is one, that is.
Some people think they know what reality is.
I wonder if those people are even real.
Am I scaring you?
How do you know if you're even afraid?

What is fear?

All of this said,
The world spins madly on.
And you can't deny the fact
That SOMETHING is happening.

But what?

That's a question I'm going to leave for you.
I'm going to leave it, for you to answer yourself.

Because I don't know.

The phenomenon that we call life,
Lurches through something like time,

Why don't you look out the window,
And see where your life is headed?

World Peace

Procrastination - Random Thoughts to Keep Me From Actually Working

Well, I guess it's just one of those days.

I can't seem to keep myself focused, and I want to be doing work, but at the same time I don't. I don't even remember what kind of things I'm supposed to be doing! I don't want to think that hard right now.

So, how about them Canucks?

They totally tanked. They had a chance to make the playoffs and they blew it. Those Orcas just sprayed some hot air at the Edmonton Oilers along with a little bit of good ol' fashioned ocean spray, and it failed to get past Dwayne Roloson, the old guy who's destined to be a backup goalie for... like forever. The playoff game was on the line, and this fossil stone-walled them. Maybe our guys in blue and green should go work on their golf swings with him at the Tyrell Museum. Yeesh.

But anyways, my favorite players have made it to the playoffs. Jean-Sebastian Giguere? He and his Ducks made it. They didn't win Pacific, but that's not as easy as it used to be. Paul Stastny? Thanks to the fantastic returns of Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote (more so the former than the latter), along with the continued strong play by returned injurees (is that a word?) Joe Sakic, Paul Stastny, and that dude from Edmonton, the Avalanche as buried the competition (sorry, couldn't resist) and swept into the playoffs in nothing less than sixth place. Take that, Calgary.

But enough hockey talk. I was just looking at the fees that I'm going to have to pay to got to Queen's University. Not TOO bad, considering how much my buddy has to pay to get into the commerce program. $10,000 a year! No wonder it's the best business program in Canada. The students get to play around with real money! Res fees don't look too bad, $4600 for me and my friend to room and board at that fine Kingston institution. It's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick I guess. ;)

Well, I think that the only answer to getting over this incredible urge to do NOTHING is to write on my blog (check), play a computer game (Can Do, just like our nuclear reactors!..... never mind...), and eat some food with my family..... or just by myself. Who knows. Anyways, lets go work on number two option to get rid of procrastination!

World Peace