Thursday, May 24, 2007

The Monarchy

Recently (well, not recently, mor like 2 weeks ago now) I watched the movie, "The Queen". I was quite impressed with it, and it really brought forward issues about the monarchy relevant to present day.

What reason does the monarchy have to exist in modern day society? They take their copious spending budgets from the taxes paid by ordinary people, and do pretty much diddly-squat while sitting on a big cushy throne while wearing pretty, sparkly hats.

Consider also, the monarchy in Britain, as it compares to the Canadian similarity, is one that leaves the common people no choice at all in who or who is not their head of state, while in Canada, our Prime Minister, an elected representative of the Canadian people, chooses who our governor general is.

So why then, has the crown not been abolished? Or at least, changed into something that gives the people more choice in who their head of state is?

A couple reasons. And these are big ones, for they would have to be to affect something of this magnitude. The first is that, I for one, kind of like the idea of someone bigger than me, someone who is watching over us, protecting us. A semi-conservative point of view, but it's true. The fact that there is a person seemingly uninfluenced by powers outside them, who is ready to intervene appropriately when circumstances arise.

Second. The crown is an incorruptable symbol of justice and truth, a franchise that outshines the one that wears it. Someone who is the country, who is the people, who stands holding the flag up high for the entire world to see. A powerful voice of authority and principle. Citizens fell comforted in the fact that someone is their advocate to the world who doesn't have to listen to politicians or cave to pulic opinion.

This wise, just, and influential person will not be taken away without the wolrd trembling. People want to hold on to the crown, her power, and what she represents.

Besides, if there were no Queen, who would I get a letter from when I turn 100?

World Peace

P.S. I'd like to apologize to anyone (Dustin) who'd been reading my blog regularly, after which I simply stopped. Actually, no, I'm not really sorry. Just commenting. What I really meant was: TOUGH.