Saturday, May 5, 2007

What if...

Have you ever thought about what we take for granted? Or things that we might end up taking for granted in the future? Things that we have now, things we'll have then, things we had in the past that we couldn't even fathom in our current age.

For example, what if there was no electricity? What if Edison had never gone to all that trouble to invent the lightbulb, and all that? What if we weren't able to even conceptualize it? Would things be different? Would we have gone down an entirely new path in terms of energy transfer?

What if the Wright Brothers hadn't invented flight? What if the plane had never flown? Would we all still be using planes? Or something else?

What if there were no cars? No trucks? No bicycles? What if there were no wheels? Where would we be then? How would that change how we transport goods, people, services? Would it change how cities work? How the world works?

What if there were no guns? No bombs? No poison, weapons, or war? How would that change the way we fight war? Would we even be able to fight it? How would things change?

What if there were no languages? Would we all communicate in one language? Would we communicate at all? How? With what? Verbal? Gestures?

What if there were no religion? Nothing to believe in? What would people live for? Die for? Strive for?

What about politics, economics? What if politicians and money were non-existant?

What if you took away the world in it's entirety?

Would ther just be empty space? Nothingness? A void? Can you imagine that?

And if there was a beginnning, can you think of the why?

What if...

World Peace


Dustin said...

Gee, thanks for making my brain explode.

Miranda said...

What if... everyone's brain exploded like Dustin's when they read your blog entry? How would that change your circle of friends? Would you even HAVE friends? Or family? What if you were completely and utterly alone in the world? How would that change the way you feel? Think? Strive for prime-minister-ness?

What if...

~Julia said...

That is quite the contemplative post. It really makes you happy for what you have, and yet at the same time I wonder if things could have turned out better. For example, if we had never learned to extract oil would we have used solar/wind/tidal ect. energy instead, and not be in the predicament we are in now? Or would there be simply a different problem...
what if...

I've read all your posts up till this date - I know they're not all that recent, but I wanted to start at the beginning...which happens to be at the end. So...when did you break your ankle? In one post you said worse things have happened... The best Western brunch sounded fun. Where did the name 4000 volts come from?

I'll finish reading your blog tomorrow...I'm going to sleep... z zz zzz zzzz