Friday, May 4, 2007

ACK! All work and no play? Can't a guy get a break?

Yesterday left me much too busy to complete a post on my blog, my apologies to those who were sorely missing the daily updates in the life of me. So, I'll recap not just today, but yesterday too. If I can remember yesterday that is.

So. Yesterday, I ran through the usual routine of getting ready for, going to and attending school, after which the regularity ended at lunch. I auditioned for our school's talent show, with my Gollum impression. Needless to say (although, maybe it is for those of you who haven't heard my Gollumspeak yet), the judges were impressed, and I shall be performing my short but very sweet Gollum impression in front of the entire school later this month. Yikes! Anyway, the rest of the day passed without much event, except of course for Karate, for which I arrived late. Mmmhmmm. Oh yes, and I got a haircut from my mom. She did an awesome job, considering that the last time she cut my hair was... several years ago.

I did manage to get a really good snooze in, which will be a lot unlike tonight. 8 1/2 hours! Rock on! So, I got up in the morning feeling refreshed and restored, a feeling which was soon to be destroyed due to the fact that my mom hadn't packed my lunch. But I got to school on time, showed off my new "do", and got back that happy feeling I had before. Ummm... then I played cards at lunch, a classic high school game that is, among it's many other and some inappropriate aliases, known as, Garbage Man. It's kind of similar to hearts, with many invented differences. I also made a comment at the game without thinking about it beforehand, and it turned out kind of lewd-sounding. My ears turned red. More red than they have been in a long time.

After school, I walked home and got ready for work while relaxing. I got to work, and worked quite hard, after which I was timely rewarded by a ride home from s sympathetic co-worker. And the Ducks clinched the series with Vancouver in double overtime to boot! What more can I ask for? Besides being able to get more sleep. That's just shooting for the moon. I mean, come on! I survived on 6 hours of sleep or less while I was in Ottawa! Then after all that, I went for 36 1/2 hours without any sleep at all! I can take this!

Not for much longer anyway. TGIF now. I will get a good sleep this weekend, in between working at LD, working on the homework that seems to stab me in the back at the last minute, and having a ball & expending all my energy tomorrow volunteering at the Spring Fair! C'est la vie. Que sera, sera. Maybe I could squeeze in Spiderman 3 in there somewhere...


World Peace

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