Saturday, April 28, 2007

Get Jiggy with the Ducks

Naslund scored. That's about the only part that leaves me happy about the Cannucks winning the hockey game tonight in 2nd overtime.

But first. (Stealing line from the CBC broadcaster I listen to every week morning,)

Today left me waking up late after communicating with many numerous and fawning fans last night. That's okay, I still ended up getting to school on time. After my friend and I got lucky being picked up by one of my kind hearted teachers who happened to be going the same way. Just lucky I guess.

In English, listened to an interesting version of Macbeth by a radio play brought in by my teacher. Then in Spanish, found out that I have a whole bunch of little assignments that need to be handed in. Lunch was good, except for the fact that I didn't eat. Chemistry did not prove too trying, with little homework, and then Drama was relatively painless as well.

Rushing out of school, I headed downtown to grab a bite and then go to my volunteer job at the constituency office for Victoria. My supervisor (I guess) gave me some questions by constituents to research, and I'd also brought in some problems that a friend of mine from my church was having. After digging up some data, and making the world better by helping one person at a time, I went to Starbucks to get a Green Tea Latte (love this stuff, you should try it), but then I had to toss it when the bus driver wouldn't let me on the bus. C'est la vie.

Got home, watched some M.A.S.H., finished my Subway lunch as dinner, and then headed over to my friends house to watch the second game in the Anaheim vs. Vancouver series. I have a particular interest in hockey these days, as I have a small sum of money riding on some of the players. My friends and I had a season pool that I joined, knowing nothing in that fateful October. Come April and several loonies in trades later, I've won the over $20 pot. Saa-weeet. Now I've joined the playoff pool, and I'm in dead last. Figures.

The game was a really good one, with both teams scoring a goal apiece during regulation time, and then Jeff Cowan scored the winner in second overtime, just sneaking a random shot through my beloved J.S. Giguere's five-hole (between the legs and above the stick). Although, he (Giguere) did make 49 saves, and get a 96% save percentage for the night, so I'm still proud of him. Besides, since he lost in overtime, that means I can get more points out of him in my hockey pool. On the other hand, if he gets a shut-out...

Anyways, enough hockey talk. With the game done, I trucked back home at around ten after twelve, and now, here I am, beating my fingers against this queer plastic and electronic contraption, for reasons that have yet to be determined. Kind of like my psycho-analysis results. Huh.

World Peace

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