Thursday, April 26, 2007

John Cleese and Elizabethan Inspiration

Another day in the life of myself. Random thoughts, spontaneous ideas, tedious/interesting school, and overall, not a bad life.

Those of you reading the title to my blog, and wondering, "REAHUH?" (Tim Allen sound from Home Improvement) the title comes from one of my favorite Monty Python sketches with John Cleese and Michael Palin. You can see them perform it on YouTube: . Out of context, the keeper of a petshop has passed off a stuffed parrot as a real one, and is arguing that, "It's not dead, it's restin'!". One of the better exchanges (in my oh-so-humble opinion) goes like this:

Cleese: ...I took the liberty of examining that parrot, and discovered that the only reason it'd been standing on the perch in the first place was that it'd been nailed there.

Palin: Well of course it was nailed there! Otherwise, it would've muzzled up to those bars, and VOOM!

Cleese: (hold up parrot) Look, matey. This parrot wouldn't voom if I put four thousand volts through it. It's bleedin' demised!

(Boisterous Applause, as my good friend would say.)

Hence, the title of the blog.

Anyway, on with the record keeping. I went to school today (gasp!) and had a lovely first block acting and analyzing the Shakespearian classic, Macbeth. Then, we had a random fiesta in Spanish, and I brought a hastily made dish of Aiola, which is essentially minced garlic in mayonese, used as a dipping sauce for stuff like potatoes, croutons, and shrimpish-type things. No big events in third or fourth block.

In the evening, I tried my best to follow the Cannucks vs. Anaheim series (on radio and internet, I don't have cable) while working on my creative presentation for English (a poem I'm writing on the book 1984, in which I'm using Iambic Pentameter, hence the title of today's post), which I'm very interested in, being that my favorite player is on Anaheim (J.S. Giguere, #35, G), and Vancouver is pretty much my favorite team, as it's local for me. Anaheim wins 5-1! YES! WOOT! WE MUST NOW DO THE DANCE FOR JOY!

On second thought, let's not, and say we did.

World Peace


Miranda said...

TRAITOR! lol Just kidding... ish. But you really shouldn't be so excited about Anaheim winning when they're playing the CANUCKS! Geez. Where's your BC pride? Love ya. :)

Dustin said...

Of course, I recognized the title right away ;)