Friday, April 27, 2007

Man of the Year

Good evening folks, Jordan here with the Thursday evening special edition. Today in news, nothing remotely earthshaking, shattering, or above 3.9 on the Richter Scale.

8:30 am marks the beginning of the school day, and with relatively uneventful classes, we're moving on. For weather, a light, warm drizzle makes walking home less bearable than yesterday. Oh well, that's life.

We interrupt this broadcast to give you an update on traffic. The parking lot by BC Hydro was considered off-limits today, as the future Prime Minister was taking a driving lesson there. Look out on them streets.

Thanks folks, and that's the news. I'll turn it over to my colleague Anoni now from our political department.

Thanks Jordan. Hello folks, today I'd like to talk about a recent film I watched starring Robin Williams, called Man of the Year. A comedy/drama, it comments on politicians and their political parties.

To surmise, Williams plays a political commentator much like John Stewart or Stephen Colbert, who decides to go on a whim from an audience suggestion and run for president. During his campaign, he shakes the foundations of all common political traditions by making fun of the Republicans, the Democrats, and the way they run their governments. By a glitch in the new computerized voting system, he wins the election. However, when he finds this out, he puts it out there and steps down, saying that he was not fairly elected.

If you have a chance, I would highly recommend seeing it, not only for the comic genius of Robin Williams, but for the message and statement that the film makes about politics in America, and maybe even in the "Western" world.

Thank you for listening folks, I'm Anoni Mousse, signing off.

World Peace

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