Friday, June 6, 2008

Sometimes I just can't believe people

Well, it's been another crazy week.  Not that my life is busy or complicated or anything.  I'm sure I've got nothing on Hillary Clinton or Brad Pitt, but I feel like my life is this incredibly dense spiderweb that isn't all made by me, so I don't know where the sticky spots are.

I'm going to rant for a bit here, so bear with me, please.

You know that political thing I'm doing?  Maybe you don't, I'll give you a rundown.  I'm in this organization called the Youth Parliament of Canada.  It was founded by this dude Tyler Johnson last summer, and now has grown exponentially.  Except that it now no longer exists.

Because of problems with management, most of the part leaders, my own included, have broken away from the organization and are planning on starting their own, called the Canadian Youth Assembly.  Now, I don't even know what this CYA is going to look like, but apparently it's supposed to be the same as we all thought the YPC was supposed to be.  They broke away because TJ (Tyler Johnson) decided that our entire organization was too partisan, and so he gave us all the boot.  (I actually haven't checked yet if I can post or not, it's still TBA)  Funny how an organization modeled around the real Federal Government can be seen as too partisan. Yeesh.

I've already told the new CYA that I plan on giving them my full support, but I'm seriously starting to doubt the effectiveness of all these people that I've been dealing with.  I mean when you look at it hard, you can see that the cliche "it takes two to tango" really does apply, and not only is our executive director power mongering, but everyone else seems to be taking themselves too seriously again.  (Yes, things like this have happened before, but not this bad)

I'm considering just withdrawing from the YPC/YGC/CYA in general.  (BTW, YGC means Youth Government of Canada, in case you can't get our Roosevelt Alphabet soup of acronyms right)  There are other ways to gain experience in the political field, and right now this is not looking like the best option.  What's really disappointing though, is how far we'd already come to fall so far.  We still have a Youth First Minister's Conference slated to begin in July that's going to be spoken at and attended by Rick Mercer.  We've received a personal endorsement from NDP Leader Jack Layton and most of the other major federal parties.  We were getting really close to having the House of Commons in Ottawa booked for when we were supposed to go there in January.  

But now our house of cards is falling down, just like Humpty Dumpty, and I'm pretty sure that neither all the GG's horses and men can put YPC back together again.

There are still options with hope though.  I can hope that there's an election soon and help one of the local politicians campaign.  There's this new organization that I just found out about called that seems pretty cool.  And who knows, maybe YGC will rise from the ashes anew, or maybe CYA will take off.

All I know is that I'm going to Queen's University this fall, and life goes on without politics.  As sad as it is, I'm going to have to keep living off of Rick Mercer and 22 Minutes re-runs for just a little while longer yet.

World Peace 

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~Julia said...

Awww...thats too bad - how did this all work out in the end?

With the election coming up I'm sure there is ample opportunity to get some political experience.

Yea for Rick Mercer! I wish the show was on more often b/c i'm busy when its on & rarely remember to tape it. :(