Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Grain of Salt

The other day Ottawa announced that it was giving a $250 million dollar subsidy to General Motors Canada in order for them to preserve the jobs of those employees in the area.

Hold on, what?

Okay, lemme get this straight, our government, a conservative government is giving a corporation whose revenue is more than $180 billion dollars a year, a subsidy of $250 million.  Armageddon is here!  The world is ending!  What are we going to do!   First, a Conservative government that spends like socialists, then what?  The first NDP Prime Minister?  I mean really, this is something that I would have expected to come from the left leaning side of the House, but Harper?  That's like him stabbing himself in the kidney and saying that he's taking one for the team.  Spending money on the economy is one of Harper's biggest nay-nays.  Whenever he thinks of the Canadian economy, Harper sings to himself, "Let it be, Let it be" and takes on what we call a Laissez-Faire economic stance.  In other words, he keeps his hands out of the cookie jar.  

And GM?  Well GM certainly has a lot of explaining to do.  I'm not savvy to exactly why their revenues are down, but for a company that has more revenue every year than the GDP of North Korea, what difference is $250 million going to make, and why are we doing it?  Shouldn't they be left to figure it out themselves?  But no, this conservative government is going to hold their hand so that thousands of people don't lose their jobs.

I guess that even Harper has a few good surprises up his sleeve sometimes.  But is this the real Harper?  Is this the Harper that we're going to see if there's Conservative majority elected?  Somehow, I doubt it.

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~Julia said... crack me up sometimes. There are not many people who could take this information and make it funny. ^^ ha ha ha *ahem*

GM is dying b/c of gas prices...CBC said that sales were done ~ 30-40 % at GM and ... I think Honda, but Toyota, which makes smaller and more efficient cars has seen an increase in sales of 140% !!! Wow. I wish I had some stock in them...