Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Poetry by J-Ray

More "Leftovers"

by Jordan Ray

An oil painting

Stares down at me
Pine trees and jagged rockes outline a bay
Where twosomes walk
Followed by giggling toddlers

Sunlight strems through panes of glass
Larger than mine
The comforting murmur of family and firends surrounds me as I write
Scribbling when I don't even know why or about what
This need to express myself
Cannot be repressed

I wonder why we must express ourselves
Or maybe some of us don't
I wonder if they should
What tales would their voices tell us
Through microphone
Or brush

How would they photograph their perspective
Black and White?
Vivid colour?
Or shades of gray?

I guess you'll just have to ask them
And they'll show you

1 comment:

~Julia said...

This poem made me think of the Cave Art I saw in Europe - some of the first examples of human expression ever found.

As always, I'm curious what the reason/inspiration was for this poem. I find that almost as interesting as the poem/art piece/ writing.