Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Poetry by J-Ray

Just so's y'all know, I found a few poems that I haven't typed up yet, so this post will be... well... LONG. You have been warned.

Bus Stop Ponder
by Jordan Ray

Here I am sitting at a bus stop
I just had a check-up
4 Tiny Gaping holes in my pearly whites

The bill read one-four-six-oh-oh
And that's just the check-up
To get my teeth fixed?
Then there's my wisdom teeth
Aparently my mounth doesn't take kindly to enlightenment
So they've got to come out on top of all that

I find it remarkable
That with all the services that we provide
With all the things that make us a great country
Our healthcare
Our education
our democracy
Our wealth
We still find ways to stress ourselves out
Worry over
Agonize over while contemplating the consequences thereof

And yet I think while I write here with my green pen in my green folder by a green sign
We can still find happiness in the little things
Find joy and solace in the comforts of every day
If we only stopped to think
About how lucky we are
Or about what things make us the most happy

And you know it's really neat that the same things that keep us going
Keep them going too
The third worlders I mean.

Family, Firends
It's universal, and everybody understands it
What binds us together
Makes us human
Makes us strong
Makes us good.

Crosses all divides
Every border that ever existed
By it's warm comforting glow
It lets us survive
Keeps us reaching for the stars

It's the foundation on which the world was built
And it's torch will never go out.

by Jordan Ray

Greenish flowers
Baby showers
Fifty-three hours
Austin Powers

Lemon Toasted
Oven Roasted
Roller Coasted
Brother Boasted

Kbble nibbled
Pencil Gibbled
Baby dribbled
Fwoopy fibbled

Japan Pocky
Tiger Rocky
Vendetta Mocky
Little Sockie

With all these absurd rhymes of mine
I'm surprised you've kept with me all this time

But maybe absurdity goes hand-in-handem
To encourage the world to be a little more random.

Glowstick Fashion
by Jordan Ray

One day in May in the land of Hairspray
There was an and named after my cousin Brant
He wore glowsticks clear hanging from his ear
For this fashion you see was his passion, dear.

Although his interesting fashion sense did not without criticism went
For to him the other ants would rant
To us you're a blessing, you crazy ant
For birds flying up high in the sky
Can't see us flying from up so high
But you my firend will soon meet your end
To a robin's belly your fashion soon will you send

One day later sure enough they heard a quack
A duck had niticed him and dive-attacked
So Brant the ant began to heave and pent
And he led the duck closer to the colony's vent

Soon the duck landed at the colony's door
And had seen fowl cuisine laid out on the floor
So he gobbled up all of Brant's critical friends
Figuring Brant, appearing different, would bring less tasteful ends

And now Brant you see, he turned out fine
He made it back home just in time
So now whenever someone makes fun of his clothes
He threatens to run under a mallard's nose

The Train From Tomorrow
by Jordan Ray

Freedom hurtles closer and closer
Like the 9:00 train from tomorrow
Lights blazing the path in front of it
Blaring it's horn and flashing the signs where it crosses the road of someone going on a perpindicular journey

The horn blares again
The conductor shouts
All aboard!
And those who hear it feel a tingle down their spines
Wondering where the train from Tomorrow is going to take them today

I can see the train now
I can feel the train now
Rumbling across the varied landscapes of my fear,m hopes, anxieties and dreams
I can hear the train now
With it's mournful whoo-whoo so loud I can hardly hear anything else
I can touch the train now
Though I don't know if I'm ready to get the rest of my ticket punched on a one way trip to anywhere
I can taste the train now
And smell it too as the lovely fumes from it's engine spark and ignite the fiery torches of my cerebellum

I figure I'll just get on and see what happens

So I do, and I look out the windows as my old existence flahed by
My coat is ripped as one of the signposts by the platform seeks to keep me behind
But nothing will hold this locomotive back
Next stop, your life's next chapter hollers the conductor

Then I look around the train
And I see a lot of empty seats
I wonder who isn't here
And why?
Were they too scared?
But most of them didn't have a ticket
So they gaze longingly through my windows at our shining locomotive bound for life
I look at who is here
And I realize that this train has made this journey millions of times before
Because I've seen the same kind of kids get on
Never to return

Then my despair turns to excitement
And my adrenaline sugers as I head to the opem boxcar at the back of the train
Sticking my arm out the door
Offering my hand to those longing haces staring through my window
They have to run to catch up

I've never felt more happy than when I pull that shining face up into the train
But I bet I could feel happier
If the rest of the passengers on the train bound for Tomorrow
Stuck their hands our of the door of this dingy old boxcar
And pulled more of our brothers and sisters onto this train

Because the conductor of this train is colourblind and ignorant of all money and status
Everyone's got a ticket
So everyone should get one of those fine seats
On this shining locomotive

Don't let whoo-whoo be a mournful sound.
Help the conductor fill those empty seats

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~Julia said...

That is quite the eclectic collection of poetry. I love bus stop ponders - I take the bus all the time, and I find I get some of my best thinking done there. As I've said before, I'm totally with you on the importance of Hope.

The straight rhyming one is pretty funny - Japan pocky. ^^ Though I have to say the glow-stick one took me a while to figure out. Wow, its really interesting once I figured it out (Its late & my mind is somewhat on autopilot).

The train from tomorrow reminds me somewhat of the book (and horrific movie) 'The Polar Express' and, like all those life analogies you write really rings true on so many levels...