Saturday, April 26, 2008

Poetry by J-Ray

Literary Ambiance

A sea of heads at eye level
With philosopher kings humbly sitting in creaky chairs
In an old ibrary
Or a new one, I 'm not sure
There's not ill effect on the mysticism by the fluorescent lights above.

Children gather around old souls
Or young, depending on perspective
And wisdom flows like milk and honey
While the audience loses themselves in time and space

There's a feeling of tempered ambiguity
And you get this off and on feeling of wanting to speak
Or divulge
But you restrain yourself
Just to keep the seemingly fragile moment intact
When it is in fact rock solid

Inspiration, grooviness and funk pulse around
Beating in time with the rhythm
Of the hearts of the philosopher kings
While souls ebb, wax, wane, and sing
In a deep, dark, infused silence of richness.

Then the bell rings
And a harsh unseen light causes the listeners to squint
Shake their heads
Trying to clutch at the memory of the moment

Some do
Some don't
But they all hunger for when the dense, deep darkness of literature
Will come into their spirits again

To put a log on the fire that is their self
That it may burn slow and hot
For a long

1 comment:

~Julia said...

Has a definite medieval feel to it...

I know that feeling of trying to hold onto a moment, but have it slip away - very irritating. Well captured. ^^ (sorry I'm only just getting around to reading all this - exams stink!)