Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My head hurts

Some days you just think a lot.

I've been watching this show called "the Waltons" quite a lot lately, and it's filled with touching stories from the everyday life of a fictional family in the depression. The series was produced in the 1970's, so I guess it must have been created by a fellow (or felless?) who yearned for the old times. The bad ol' days, as my Law teacher fondly calls them.

Along with watching this show, reading Maclean's magazine, talking to people about what I want to do, and thinking about it all, that just adds up to a lot of thinking. (and you're thinking, "Your point is...?)

I travelled with my leadership class to a great place called Camp Thunderbird this past weekend to, well, basically blow off some steam. Through the three days and two nights we challenge ourselves as a group and individuals with physical challenges like the Giant's Ladder and some hard core rock climbing. (Well, I mean, h-core by MY limited standards) And I think that after perservering through these activities and talking about what I want to do with my life afterwards, I've come to a realization.

If you want anything in life, you have to pursue it. You have to reaallly want it, want it enough to pull yourself up those next few inches to get that good grip with your left hand, or send out that email just one more time to see if the bigshot in the media or in parliament will grace you with a response. You have to organize, communicate, and have the will to succeed, or you just won't acheive what you want to acheive.

I think that too often these days our standards are set so low. Whatever happened to values like integrity and trust? Have they been greased by the coloured paper that changes hands like water flows in a stream these days? Spoiled somehow?

Call me old-fashioned, but I think that these values, virtues are far to important to be a thing of the past. Virtues may change, but the one thing that remains constant is that there will always be people, and there are ways that one should treat others. Respect, dignity.

These values, I believe, are key to true success. Your goal may vary, but the philosophy for getting there is always the same. Hard work.

Because if you end up getting there as a stowaway on the train instead of a passenger first class, you'll never be able to feel that glow on your heart and the tingle in your spine that comes from doing it the right way.

Of course, there may be more than one right way to do something. Just make sure it is one before you do it.

Great. Now my head feels worse.

World Peace


~Julia said...

I agree with the 'some days you just think a lot'. Ug. Sometimes its good, other times it feels like your logic is circular and you're back where you started, but more confused.

Ah yes, Hard work. I was told (by someone at some point) that they put two groups of people in a room who had similar skills and IQ and gave them an impossible task. They told one group they were smarter, and the others that they were harder workers (neither of which was true). The 'smarter' group gave up more quickly and became more frustrated. Even the perception that you're a hard worker seems to make a difference.

I like the spoiled values do you come up with that?

That last bit - do you mean right for you, your community, the world...that is such an ambiguous word 'right'. Because no matter how much you're sure you are correct, someone will hugely disagree...

J-Ray said...

Right for you, I guess. It is true that right is such an ambiguous word. But I think that usually you can come to a mutually beneficial solution that won't hurt others. So if you can be true to yourself without hurting those around you, then you should do it. There's always a way.