Monday, August 11, 2008


Well guys, it's been a lloooooonnnnggg time since I've posted on this beautiful internet thing that is known to most as a blog, and to myself as my personal ranting space, so I guess I better fill in the blanks of the past month-ish since I've posted.

High school is over for me. I got my provincial exam marks back, and I did okay, 78% in Chem 12, 87% in English 12, and 93% in History 12. Not bad, right? Although, I was sort of hoping for 3 A's, guess that government sponsored $1000 just wasn't meant to be mine. C'est la vie, I suppose.

Speaking of money, I've been having to save up a lot of it to go to university in the fall. The particular institution that I decided on was Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, about an hour and a half south of Canada's capital. I'm going to be attending with my best friend, and I'm looking forward to driving out there across Canada to move in our shoe-box room in residence.

Before I could worry about that though, I attended my sister's wedding ceremony and reception, the latter of which I prepared an 11 minute slideshow for and helped to MC. She's very happy now, and after just returning from her honeymoon, she's still glowing.

So, that's basically what's been going on while I've been on summer vacation here in Alberta. I have to go back soon. I'm going to miss all my extended family out here once again, and I'll look forward to seeing them next time.

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~Julia said...

Isn't it a wierd feeling to be done high school? I still call GNS 'my school' rather than UVic. I think, it always will be.

I think I got about the same as you in Chem...maybe a few percent better, I definitely beat you in English, but you thrashed me in History. Fair enough. ^^

How did you decide on Queens? Reputation? At least you have your best friend with you - you'll probably find it make some things easier...and others harder. Best of Luck with that!

I'm sure your slideshow was fantastic! What music did you end up using? I'm glad she is so happy! I got a thank you card the other day, so when you see her next tell her thank you for the thank you card (hahahaha), and that I'm very impressed she had our address....

Sounds like you had a good summer...I just worked ...and worked some more...