Thursday, June 12, 2008

A Grain of Salt

Well congratulations Ottawa, you finally summoned the chutzpah to say that precious phrase of two words, "I'm Sorry."

Today Stephen Harper will formally apologize on national TV to all those aboriginal persons affected negatively by the residential schools that plagued first nations of Canada for almost a century. And all I can say is it's about time. Paul Martin was going to do something like this when he signed the Kelowna Accord, but we decided we didn't like the Liberals and their double-dealing ways, so we elected Harper instead.

Now, after squishing the Kelowna Accord, the Conservative government is finally giving another overdue apology to the victims of residential schools. Now, as I recall things, Brian Mulroney did something similar back in the 1980's, but that must have been for something different. Now all that's left is for the government to put their money where their mouth is. An apology is very symbolic, but once the dough starts rolling out, that means that you really don't want to be sor--er, really want to say you're sorry.

Now, if I were Stephane Dion at this point, I would add this to my growing the growing sheaf of ammunition that he could use in the event of an election. Oh, I'm sorry, the Liberals aren't ready for an election, or rather, their leader isn't. Everyone else seems to be ready. I mean with the Cadman Affair, the Bernier Scandal, the controversy in Afghanistan, the molasses action of the government on global warming, and now this, you'd think that Dion would be hyped, and get the writ dropped at a moments notice.

But no. Stephen Harper has looked Stephane Dion in the eye and he still doesn't see the spark that once propelled him to victory in the leadership race of a faraway December. And until he sees that again, he's pretty much free to do whatever he wants.

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~Julia said...

On somewhat of a side did he become the leader of the party anyway. To be honest there didn't see to be any superstar Liberal candidates as far as I can remember - I mean we had Michael, who was more American that Canadian as the front runner...and then in some back room deal, we wound up with Dion.

The premise of using him to unite the French with the rest of Canada was good...but in the end he seems to have alienated the rest of the country..--'

Anyway, it is great that they were finally say I'm sorry, but we won't truly know how sorry until the money has been payed out. took forever for an election to be called.