Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Neglected Fettish

Well, I always did like oxymoronic titles. I have indeed missed publishing my thoughts on the universe online. I wonder if the outlet was good or bad for me. I wonder still if it was a good or bad use of my time.

What do you think of time "wasting"? Is it all wasted in vain? Could it be better spent catching up on sleep? Doing homework? Or is trying really hard to keep your eyes open while typing a healthy thing to do to yourself. I don't know. I don't know even if I'm thinking straight. Bugger those San Jose Sharks. Getting a shutout just when I started to do well in my hockey pool. Meh. I'll be back, as the Terminator likes to say.

Spewing forever. (How's that for an end quote?)

World Peace

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~Julia said...

-.- Meant to reply to this post, but I guess I didn’t. The “Neglected Fettish”/blogging is definitely not a waste of time…though in moderation. Hearing what you think, makes me think and, like the “Future” duck ponders entry….how do you say it….makes you realize that you’re not the only one who thinks/feels like that. Sleeping is good too… seeing as its past midnight right now…

As for “Spewing forever” – sounds like you’re planning to keep this up. Hope so. ^^