Monday, May 7, 2007

What is love?

Sometimes it's difficult to understand our feelings. Even more so to understand those of others.

I've recently, by circumstance, looked at relationships from my perspective, and the knowledge that I have. I think that it's a lot different looking in to a relationship from the outside than it is to be on the inside. You don't really know what to do, what to expect, and there aren't any set rules or guidelines for you to follow; no precedent. Because every pair of persons is different.

You ask them if you can buy them something, but they decline. Then they let you share what you bought with them. Confusing? Yes! Later, you think that something you share together may be unique, but in fact they share that with someone else. Perplexing? Definately. I didn't really know what all those guys on T.V. meant when they commented on how women were so fickle, and all the different signs about, does she like me, does she not.

I've been told that I could simply take the plunge. I'm getting two mixed signals from my heart. One tells me to lay my cards on the table. The other tells me to wait before I play my pair of aces.

My head hurts. I'm signing off.

World Peace


~Julia said...
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~Julia said...

As for the title of this post - "What is love?" - ppl have been asking that question forever. ^.^

Can you imagine if there were rules for love? ...well I guess there used to be rules in the aristocracy of the Middle Ages. In some ways it made it simpler...

Yes, I guess we, the female species are confusing. But believe me, you guys aren't any simpler. As for taking 'the plunge'...go with your gut feeling. Remember the 'Wood River' song? "But the heart sometimes needs a little help to figure it out" Sounds applicable, yes?

Miranda said...