Thursday, May 31, 2007

Farm Chores and Griping

The other day when my parents made me do some more of the never ending chores that burden our lives, I got to thinking about one of the reasons that parents used to have children, particularly boys.

Families who live on farms in particular have a specific use for guys. Generally because of the manual labour that is required to run a farm, or even to run a household can be done more efficiently by men, simply because we are, in general, taller and stronger. So, we end up pitching the hay, stacking the bales, bringing in the firewood, carrying in the water, bringing up the groceries, helping to move furniture, and working to open cans for our parents and families.

Myself, not being particularly motivated at anytime to perform these simple, quick tasks, tend to do so with varying degrees of protestation. Now, you could say that this blog is simply another gripe session, which I will admit that it is, but it is also a reflection on what has become accepted and why it has been so accepted.

So guys: the next time you have to mow the lawn or take out the garbage, instead of moaning and groaning like some rusted contraption that hasn't been oiled for centuries, think of the ancient and proud tradition of manual labour that we continue to uphold. The way that things might be if those poor womenfolk did not have our long-limbed brawn to serve them.

Or you could continue your own tradition of complaining. I know I will still complain at least a little.

After all, why should I give up something that I'm so good at?

World Peace

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